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127 Canton Fair Live Online-Guangdong Dadi Company

127 Canton Fair- Guangdong Dadi Weiye 

  Under the background that the epidemic situation is still spreading around the world, the risk of world economic recession is rising sharply, the current Guangzhou Fair successfully attracted overseas buyers from 217 countries and regions to register for the exhibition. Many foreign trade enterprises have promoted all products, production workshops and model rooms to customers through the all-round online display and live broadcast of the current Canton Fair, attracting tourists from all over the world and achieving good exhibition effect.


  The Canton Fair is showed online from June15~24th and it has helped them to maintain old customers and makenew customers, which has laid a "timely rain" for enterprises thatare in need of orders. After the meeting, they will have more in-depth discussions with purchasers and strive to achieve more trade results.


  It’s our first time to take part in the LIVE online show to introduce our product. It has the fresh feeling that we do not need to face to face to talk with our customer and solve their question.


  We are preparing several topics of the live show, such as

1: Candy, chocolate,food series tin box.

2: Children playing tray and lunch box series.

3: Olive oil tin can and chemical painting can.

4: Tea leaf and coin bank series tin box.

5: Ice bucket and popcorn bucket series.

6: Festival andgift tin packing.


 Our DADI Company arranged 2 professional sales representatives to host every live show.It maintained around 15~25 minutes to every live show.Besides, we were preparing lots of Q/A to tell and introduce our DADI capacity.


  We received a lot of inquiries from the customer who they are from Europe, USA, Argentina, Mexico, Thailand, etc. Most of them are looking for the food packaging. Such as: candy, chocolate, biscuit,popcorn and olive oil.


  We are following their requirement and looking forward to meeting you in next Canton Fair.