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What Is Tinplate

What Is Tinplate

  Tinplate is one of the oldest packaging materials and was originally used for round, square and rectangular boxes and canisters. In the early 1800 s, following the offer of a prize by Napoleon Bonaparte for the first person to develop a way of preserving foods, the first heat processed tinplate food cans in the world were made, filled, processed and sold to the public in Bermondsey,east London.

  Tinplate(SPTE/ETP) is a common name for electroplated tin steel sheets, which refers to cold-rolled low-carbon steel sheets or strips coated with commercial pure tin on both sides. Tin mainly acts to prevent corrosion and rust. It combines the strength and form ability of steel with the corrosion resistance, solder ability and aesthetic appearance of tin in a material with corrosion resistance, non-toxicity, high strength and good ductility.

  Tinplate packaging has a wide range of coverage in the packaging industry because of its good sealing, preservation,light-proof, ruggedness and unique metal decoration charm. Because of its strong antioxidant, diverse styles and exquisite printing, tinplate packaging container is popular with customers, and widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging,commodity packaging, instrument packaging, industrial packaging and soon.

  Tinplate &Tin Coated Steel Applications

A majority of tinplate products have been used by the container industry in the manufacturing of closures and cans but today, there has been more demand for tin coated steel in the appliance and automotive markets. Tinplate and tin coated steel have a wide array of uses including but not limited to:

  Beverage cans

  Food containers

  Oil filter shells

  Metal hoses

  Paint trays

  Electronic shields

  Machinery parts

Our Strength in metal tin packing:

Deep understanding of steel market cycles

Expert engineers and skilled metallurgists design, develop and deliver reliable,durable products for the most challenging applications

Dust free workshop with automatic production line

Sedex,BSCI,Disney factory inspection

FDA,SGS tinplate with ICI coating