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How to design engaging packaging

How to design engaging packaging

  Getting the design of the packaging for your products correct is one of the most important features that will decide whether the product is a flop or sells really well, but where should you begin?

Know your audience
Ensuring you know your target audience is one of the key elements of the whole packaging design process. If your product is designed to appeal to an older audience, there is no point in having packaging which uses the latest trendy buzz words and styles as it just won’t appeal to them. Metal packaging,tin box will be more welcome in the market.

You may also fall into the trap where you like the packaging design yourself, but your audience isn’t going to. This is one of the most common pitfalls and sometimes what appeals to us, isn’t going to be attractive to your audience. One way round this is by simply asking. You don’t have to pay a large research corporation or even research hundreds of thousands of people to gain some understanding.

Know your competition
Who else is offering products like yours? What does their packaging look like? What are their key consumer messages? Whose packaging do you think is most attractive to your key target audience? What does your competitors packaging not do that you can exploit to make your product more appealing?

Once you know this information you can identify the key elements you need to focus on to make sure you stand out above the competition.

Functionality and Experience
Planning the design and overall look of your packaging is all very well, but if it isn’t fit for purpose there is no point. When thinking about your packaging you need to decide how your product will fit in, what the user experience will be when opening the packaging, the key message customers should take away, and how your packaging will protect your product overall?Tin box can be customizede with various shape and size,it can achieve with many functions with your design in many industries,such as food,sweet,toy,accessory,etc.

For example, mobile phone packaging not only provides protection for the product, it also forms part of the overall experience of the purchase. From the high-quality box, to how the product is laid out inside, it is all designed to make the product exciting and appealing to the end user. Packaging like this helps to create long-term brand engagement and loyalty, whilst also providing protection to the product inside so it can be sold online and posted to the customers without being damaged.

Not every product needs to have such an elaborate design, but thinking about the end-user experience, how the product will be purchased and delivered, as well as how the design appeals to consumers will help to make your product successful