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 Sales & Supply Chain Group Building Day.

  In order to improve the team spirit and team consciousness of employees and enhance the team cohesion, the theme activity of "melting team, surpassing self, pursuing excellence" was carried out. The supply and sales team of Guangdong Dadi Weiye packing Industrial Co, Ltd went to Sunday Farm to participate in a one-day group building activity on last Saturday.

  League building activities to enhance mutual understanding between employees, so that mutual tolerance between employees, mutual trust, mutual respect between team members, so as to shorten the relationship between employees, so that individuals form a closer whole.

  As soon as they arrived at the activity site, the host specially arranged a series of exciting and fun team activities.

  The first is " Wind and wheel".All staff are divided into two teams, Food tin box team and Olive oil tin box team. Each Team is divided into one team for every five people. Which team is fast without falling will win the game. In the end, Food tin box team won the game quickly because of dexterity.

  The second "Back to hold the ball", the rule is that two people back to hold the ball, quickly go to the destination of 20 meters away to return to the starting point. Which team is fast and the ball doesn't fall, who will win. In the end, Olive oil tin box team won the game because of stability and speed.

  The last game is "jungle obstacle", rule is that everyone in team has to complete all the projects. If the players fall on the ground halfway, they have to return to the starting point, which adds a lot of difficulty and fun to the game. In the end, Food tin box team made no mistakes and won perfectly.

   To the most exciting part of the award was coming,Food tin box team finally won the first prize. 


  Olive oil tin box team also won the best Teammate award for its outstanding performance.

After the game, we had a barbecue lunch.Almost every employee in DADI is an excellent cook. They showed their best cooking skills and provided the delicious food to DADI Family. Everyone was full and had a good time today.

  The purpose of outward bound is to cultivate the sense of group cooperation and individual enterprising spirit.Through one day of expansion training, the team has experienced the formation,display and integration of the team. The new and old employees have experienced the profound significance of task, dedication and cooperation from the initial running in to mutual cooperation, and strengthened the communication. confidence,centripetal force and cohesion of the team.

The outdoor development training has achieved a complete success. In the future, DADI Company will go further and stronger with the pioneering spirit of "achieving employees dreams and jointly casting the great for DADI”.